Say What you want, When you Want

In the midst of a conversation with a friend I realized kind of out of the blue, that I no longer pull punches when talking about what I think or feel. I don’t hesitate anymore when I have feelings about something, I express them freely whether it be a positive or...

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What Keeps You Up at Night?

You know something that keeps me up at night? Maybe I'm lucky that it's not money, or my job, or bills I have to pay, but in a lot of ways I wish it were. I lay awake at night sometimes wondering exhaustedly in my mind about life, the prospect of death, and just what...

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We Can Be Better

Why is everyone so butt-hurt now-a-days? Seriously, why? It's come to the point where I'm truly at a loss for where things have seismically shifted in the last 12 months alone. Is it Russias' fault? Social Media? It seems to me that for one reason or another we...

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I would hate to think that at not quite 31, time is somehow running out for me, or that I'm already missing out on things in life. Truth be told, I've often times found myself noticing things on Instagram or Facebook of places that people have gone, or activities...

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Shut up and Listen

You ever want to ask someone a question but deep down don’t have the balls to really want to hear the answer? Sometimes when you’ve blown it as much as I have you begin to administer a fair amount of self-doubt. The self-depreciation comes later. The truth is, the one...

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