My 30 Conundrum?

So let's talk perspective for a moment. In 68 days I'll have been on this planet a marvelous 30 years. Roughly 10,958 days, 262,968 hours, and give or take 15,778,090 minutes. That's a lot of time. It's funny, because if you've never taken the time to quantify the...

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Finding Life’s Silver Linings

It's often easy to be bogged down in the shit that steps on you sometimes but you have to see the proverbial open window to your closed-door. Shit happens for a reason. You can either cry and complain or you can figure out your new course of action and navigate your...

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Attraction and Relationships

Recently someone asked me what I thought was the most important aspect of a relationship and naturally my naive brain immediately jumped into attraction and sex. Obviously. Now are these necessarily number one? Part of me thinks so and here's why. First off, you're...

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Knowing what Men want

It’s 2015 (weird), and I’m left wondering what “hot” means anymore when it comes to a woman. What are guys attracted to anymore? What turns us on? Is it still the “Baywatch” version of Pam Anderson? Are we still turned on by big-breasted women, running down the beach...

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The Debt Crunch

Close to 20 million Americans attend college every year. Of that number, 60% or roughly 12 million of those college students, borrow money to attend. I was in this 60% and to this day still have a large monthly payment to good old Uncle Sam. Today, there are currently...

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The Relational 50: Avoiding Complacency

Why is it that people openly discuss the Freshmen 15 but seldom talk about the “Relational50”? Sure, young men and women alike venture off to college and are on their own for the first time and this leads to epic levels of poor food consumption and large quantities of...

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