So today, I’m going to touch upon my justification for why soulmates exist:

The other day for fun, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 beers deep I decided it would be a good idea to start tallying my “number”. And no, I’m not going to tell you how many people I’ve slept with but bear with me here. I started doing the math and I was neither impressed with myself nor deeply depressed because that wasn’t necessarily the point. After I got my number I started thinking…so what about how many people I’ve done other stuff with? You know…Blow jobs? Over the pants hand jobs? Shit, how about just making out? It got me really thinking…Out of the years and years of being sexually active (and frustrated) I couldn’t possibly think up the amount of drunken bar hookups, text conversations, Facebook flirts, and all that nonsense that I’ve had in my life. Is that bad? Maybe, maybe not. So as I was looking back at all the people who I have talked to, dated, been with etc. I really was beginning to wonder if me sitting here writing this piece being 30 and single was a good, or a bad thing. And honestly, I really believe it’s a good thing and here’s why:

I do believe that if you’re lucky enough, you find that one person in your life that you’re supposed to be with. Soulmates. I mean that’s the dream right? Hot wife, soulmate, white picket fence yada yada yada. The trick is to stop looking at past experiences as mistakes, or fuck ups. Ultimately each failed encounter and relationship preps you for the next one. You learn a lot about yourself, and hopefully it makes you a better person. I know that I haven’t been the best guy in the past but I acknowledge that and accept that. Part of growing up is accepting your flaws for what they are and trying to alter that portion of yourself and be better. Granted, it is always easier said than done but still, just being able to recognize the fact that you have room to grow is a step in the right direction. The simple fact of the matter is that if you go through life looking at every failed date or relationship it’s going to consume you and ruin you. You have to stop looking at your failures when it comes to love as a bad thing and give yourself the old glass half full version which is that your soulmate could be just around the corner.

Bieber said it best, is it too late now to say sorry? No of course not. You’re allowed to have regrets and I hope more often than not you atone for those mistakes or bad deeds. Everyone has regrets even if you’re the one that made the mistakes that ruined something whether it was a good situation or not. Be able to take stock in the person you are while in a relationship and also the person you are not and work on yourself to be better. It’s hard to look back in life and see the sheer volume of people who have crossed your path and not feel a bit hopeful. At least I do. If my 30 years have taught me anything it is that life is truly a matter of perspective. Good days and bad days are only so often determined by outside factors versus how you feel when you wake up in the morning. If I ever start feeling down or depressed that I’m single, I just realize that is exactly where I want to be right now and to not care that I’m not necessarily sitting on my couch watching Netflix in my spongebob footsy pjs with Anna Kendrick. It just hasn’t happened yet! So look, remember, life is about perspective and positive or negative you have the ability to shape those feelings as such. Make yourself happy.