What do you think is important when it comes to life?

The one thing I’ve found is that there is no secret formula to happiness. Happiness comes from within. You have to take time in life to notice the simple nuances around you. There are very small and simple beauties in life that we take for granted time and time again. Stop and smell the roses. Too often in life we’re waiting for a beep or vibrate from our pocket that never comes.

Life is family. Life is spending time with the people with whom you love. Family and friends. Life is love. Say it again.

We as  people are often frowned upon for expressing the truths we feel. It’s often difficult to tell people you love them or how you care because you’re looked at as weak if you’re an emotional person. The truth is that we have an astonishingly small amount of time on this planet. Don’t take for granted the time you have with the people you love.

You know what the best part of life is? There are two. It’s the moments where your heart is broken and you can’t help but cry hard, cry really wildly and really deeply. But it’s also the moments where you laugh till you cry. Where you’re literally in tears from the pure unimaginable joy you’re feeling in a particular moment. Your heart is full.

The main trouble with life and love is that most moments are incredibly fleeting. Life is inherently short. They come and go and maybe you miss your window with someone or perhaps you seize your moment. What it boils down to is that from the moment you step foot upon this earth your life is an hourglass of sand drifting slowly towards empty. Make the moments and subtle distinctions of life matter. Travel. Fall in love. Have your heart broken, and at the end of the day realize that the “juice is worth the squeeze”. Don’t regret chances you never took.

All I know is that when you have everything in life lined up the way it’s supposed to be you can feel it. You wake up smiling and you go to sleep satisfied. Life is not about a job, a car you drive, or your FICO score. Life is about laughter and tears. The more you realize how fleeting life truly is, the sooner your life can be an abundance of satisfaction and joy.