Why is it that people openly discuss the Freshmen 15 but seldom talk about the “Relational50”? Sure, young men and women alike venture off to college and are on their own for the first time and this leads to epic levels of poor food consumption and large quantities of alcohol. But people never talk about what happens when men become stagnant in a relationship and the post break up ramification on women. I break the Relational50 down into two categories, one for men and one for women. For men, the relationship 50 occurs during the relationship. There is myriad of reasons for this, most importantly rooted in complacency. For women, the relationship 50 will ultimately mirror the effect stagnation has on a man in a relationship but also foray into other areas of her life.

I’ll be the first to admit that during my last relationship I let myself go. A lot. I’m not going to say exactly how much weight I put on, but it was an embarrassingly large amount. I think for me there’s a pretty evident reasoning behind why men put on weight during relationships and that boils down to complacency. Unfortunately, once we get the girl a lot of times our effort stops there. Complacency settles in. I’m not saying that every guy will stop caring or trying for your affections and love but I am saying at least in my case this happened. You get comfortable with someone and hope that they are liking you for who you are. And because of this you get content within your relationship. There are times it seems easy for men to become lazy and more likely to relax once things have passed the honeymoon phase. And ultimately the relaxation tends to amass around the waist region.

Now there are a lot of cliche`s when it comes to women post breakup. Often these cliches center around women likelihood of binge eating massive quantities of ice cream and crying to romantic movies like Love Actually. Now, in truth, I’m not sure that this really happens in life or if it’s just a typical Hollywood stereotype. My thoughts ultimately venture to what happens when a woman takes cues from her significant other when complacency settles in. This will be associated with infrequent leg shavings, influx of granny panties, and the dress code of sweatpants and tanktops. The fact of the matter is that the Relational50 while a figment of my imagination in all likelihood is a simple case of things fizziling out.

Relationships are a funny thing when it comes to the health department. They say the couples that play together stay together and I definitely agree with this. If you’re active with your partner you’re less likely to let yourself go like I did. I think the one important thing to take away is that when you’re with someone never feel satisfied. Never feel complacent. And never allow yourself to settle in and let things come and go without noticing the effect they’re having on you. I ate unhealthy, I worked out less, and got stuck on a couch watching Netflix and eating takeout. This was unhealthy and very unlike me and it took a break up for me to snap my head back into the game.

Whether it’s the freshmen 15 or the relationship 50, complacency is a killer. You get stuck in a funk and fail to see that things have slowed down. You have to take the time to appreciate what you have but also work to maintain it. Women, don’t let men settle into a funk where they’re just sitting on their asses. Hold them accountable by forcing us to put in more effort and try harder to continue to do the things that won you over from the start. Men, make sure you’re holding your girl up to the things that attracted you to her in the first place. I’m pretty sure that didn’t include sasquatch legs. When all is said and done neither men or women should settle for anything less than complete satisfaction. Always challenge your wants and needs with your significant other and make sure you’re avoiding falling into a rut.