In the midst of a conversation with a friend I realized kind of out of the blue, that I no longer pull punches when talking about what I think or feel. I don’t hesitate anymore when I have feelings about something, I express them freely whether it be a positive or negative thought. It might not be the best choice for everyone per say, but the truth is that nothing is better off left unsaid. I could fill a book with all the things I wish I had said in my past, or didn’t have the balls enough to say to people. It’s these past regrets or not owning my feelings that has, albeit after quite sometime, finally opened me up to being completely and utterly honest with people.

Regrets are killers. You don’t stay awake at night thinking about how perfect your life is. That’s just now hot it works. No, it’s the things you didn’t do, or the stuff you did’t say that keeps you lying there night after night unable able to sleep. Sometimes the really stupid shit I’ve done in my life creeps into my mind with a small dose of regret, but I can usually brush past those silly and dumb mistakes and chalk them up to youthful exuberance. However, sometimes at night, I find myself drowning in every word I never said. It’s often times hard to imagine now, but you lose people in life. That’s just how it goes. Relationships get taken from you, and you don’t necessarily have a say when this happens. Would you rather lie awake at night haunted by the words you never quite were brave enough to speak? Or live your life being open and honest about what you think and how you feel? The choice isn’t necessarily always the easiest, but after about 30 years or so I think I’ve finally gotten to this point where I can openly say what I feel.

Say what matters most to you, when it matters the most to you, because some day you may not get the chance to say it. This is the primary reason I push this honestly pitch on you today…Time. Time is the great equalizer in life and it quickly passes by. It may have taken me a long time to grow the ability to speak my mind whatever the consequences may be. And listen, I know that it very well might not be for everyone, but without trying to be honest about what you think and feel you’ll always be living your life guarded against the possibility of being hurt. Be who you are and be honest about what you think or feel with people in your life because you won’t always get the opportunity to go for the things you want.

I think in life, the “shooters shoot” mentality is what I most adhere to. If I see a beautiful woman and I want to ask her out, I go for it. If I think I deserve a promotion at work, I go for it. If I think one of my friends are being a jack ass, I tell them. In each occurrence owning what I feel is what gets me to the part where I can act on my feelings. Listen, in life you’re going to strike out sometimes and you’re going to hit some home runs. But you can’t do either if you don’t step up to the plate to hit. You can go through life with your head down and miss out on meeting a lot of amazing people and doing a lot of amazing things just because you don’t have the balls to say what you want, and say what you feel. So, what is it that you haven’t said that you’d like to get off your chest today? For me it’s simple;

I believe that family is the most important thing possible in life.

I believe that I’m completely and utterly blessed for everyone I’ve encountered, and am lucky enough to call a friend.

I believe in a God or a higher power and that most things in life can be chalked up to fate because if not that kind of sucks right?

Lastly, I believe in the concept of a soulmate and I pray to God that I’m lucky enough to find mine one day.