The best days of your life are ahead of you. I promise. The short sided part of this fact is that you’ve also experienced a fair share of your best days as well. And that’s not something to be sad about rather something to cherish.

You’ve already lived some of the best moments of your life. It’s hard to describe what makes up a best day because as you’re in them, the instant they’re happening they feel just like any other part of life. It’s only when you’re half in the bag and reminiscing at time gone by that you realize just how amazing that low-key Thursday night of beers and sports with your buddies was. Or how a certain moment with a certain girl will stack up against any future best moments to come. That’s how life is funny. It gives you chances to look back fondly, and a hope to keep on the future of other great things to come.

You need to believe in best days. You need to believe that they’re still coming and that even though you’ve had some amazing moments in your life, there is more to come. You have to trust that even when life takes a heaping shit on you and things get really tough and you’re really down on yourself there are better days around the corner. It’s easy to want to sit at home and bum around and be a lethargic fuck. It’s a lot harder to want to get outta bed and hop in the shower to trek to a bar you’ve been to a million times but it’s also these random nights that can turn into truly memorable moments in your life.

The tough thing to realize in life is its astonishing briefness. It is astoundingly short, and decades go by in the blink of an eye. It’s only after you’ve experienced loss and tragedy that you stop taking for granted the things you have in front of you each and every day.

You’ve hardly ever lived until some of the very worst days of your life provide the necessary perspective to push you forward. When I lose someone close to me it’s devastating. It’s gut wrenching. It’s hard to imagine life with out someone. But it’s also in these moments where you feel truly blessed to have spent amazing moments in time with people in your life.

We all deserve happiness in life but you’re never going to get that sort of life handed to you each and every minute of every day. Positive mental outlooks will only get you so far. Do the things that make you truly happy in life and fuck the things that make you sad. Sometimes it takes reading these things for you to realize that everyone feels the way you do and everyone is going through the same shit. Life is an incredibly lonely journey but the sooner you realize we’re all living and trying to make the best of our own stories the sooner you’ll realize we’re in this together.