Why is everyone so butt-hurt now-a-days? Seriously, why? It’s come to the point where I’m truly at a loss for where things have seismically shifted in the last 12 months alone. Is it Russias’ fault? Social Media? It seems to me that for one reason or another we as people are shifting further and further from what I used to hold onto as to who I thought we were as a country, or an enlightened society. There’s a gigantic fissure dividing this country right now and for some people it only truly became evident post Election night. I wrote about how I felt inclined to stay home on Election Night. I discussed how I was utterly terrified of the prospects for either a Trump or Hillary Presidency, and somehow since then things have gotten categorically worse! The truth is I don’t care what your political affiliation is, or who you voted for, all I care about is that people start recognizing the immense gap between the group of people who used to make up what was once called the United States of America. (I’m being dramatic)

Somewhere along the line, everyone became a political pundit. Everyone now has a soap box to stand on (mine included) to voice their right or left leaning voices and it all gets messy. All people do now is shout above one another on matters far and wide, and an ability to foster an actual debate has been lost. We spend hours trivializing one another’s opinions on a particular subject and telling each other why the other person is wrong. Like, what the actual fuck? There’s no discussion anymore. There’s no debate. You’re wrong. I’m right. I’m right. You’re wrong. How do we obtain growth as a society if we’re too busy trivializing one another’s perspectives? How could we ever possibly agree to disagree and come up with SOME sort of compromise when people are literally killing each other over opposing views?

Is social media to blame? As we become ever more connected have we lost our ability to actually be, connected? I partly point my finger to social media because in truth as we become more, and more connected it’s easy to feel even further apart. If I’m being honest, the one thing I think social media has done even to me is foster a fair amount of jealousy. I mean shit some of you are doing some amazing shit! Traveling the world, seeing and doing incredible things. It’s easy to feel left out. It’s easy to see the things people in your social circle are doing and wonder how come I’m not doing that. It’s easy to utilize a platform to show what you’re doing in life and for sure it’s meant to be viewed as positives, but there’s so many haters now, there’s so much jealousy, and ignorance that people are moving apart over it. I’m reaching my breaking point. Maybe I just needed a vent session or to stand on my pedestal but the fact is I’m legitimately fed up and concerned about what the fuck is actually going on right now.

We all live in bubbles. That’s just a fact. We can say all we want that we can relate to people but the truth is we cannot. This election proved that. Meryl Streep for all her good-hearted intentions could have done MUCH more for this country by preaching tolerance and actually providing a unifying voice. I don’t care who she voted for, I don’t care how afraid she is. So many people are rightfully afraid of what the next 4 years could bring and I just don’t know if your lifetime achievement award speech was the right time to further push us apart. Am I wrong? Should she be commended for what she said? Sure, but in my honest opinion she could have done much more good-by preaching a tone of positivity rather than lobbying more and more insults in the face of Trump. The fact is, the “Hollywood Elitists” have no idea what is happening on main street. Main street doesn’t give a shit about Meryl’s “arts”. They’d much prefer their 6 pack and Sunday Night Football game than La La Land. Maybe, Mark Wahlberg said it right when he suggested celebrities should stay out of politics. Is that the answer? Maybe not, but the fact of the matter is the point of criticism has passed. Can’t we move on and try to make things better instead of harping upon what’s already happened?

Correct me if I’m wrong but, this is still the United States of America right? Because it certainly doesn’t feel that way. Where we stand here and now in a post 9/11 world is staggering to me. I’d love a Malcom Gladwell take on this world because the scary reality is perhaps America has reached its tipping point. Maybe we can’t Make America Great Again, and maybe we can. But at the end of the day it won’t be one man sitting in one office that leads us to it. It will be us. You and me. It will be We The People who put down our megaphones and start getting shit done. Enough individualism and separatism. There’s a great divide happening here and it’s only going to get larger if we don’t spend the time to come together. I’m honestly scared we can’t do it. But if this country is every going to be truly great again it’s going to be because of people like Warrick Dunn, and countless others who are doing their part little by little and providing the smallest basic amount of humanity to people in need. We can be better. We need to be better, and my god I pray we can.